President E. Gordon Gee

President Gee served from 1985 to 1990.

After his first year in office, Gordon Gee was lauded for his efforts to improve the image of the university around Colorado and the nation. A personable president, he has spread the word of CU’s academic accomplishments and led efforts to improve funding.

Formerly the president of West Virginia University, Gee has worked to promote CU’s strengths in areas such as space sciences and to cooperate with the private sector on a wide variety of projects to meet the needs of the state and country. “The quality of life in this state will be heavily influenced by the excellence of our programs,” he stated.

Gee committed the university to improve internal human relations, including a revived effort to attract minority and female faculty and students. He has been open and available to staff, faculty and students on all four campuses. He was able to place his stamp on his administration early by filling all four chancellor positions during his first year in office.

His efforts in external affairs have taken him all around Colorado and were significant in gaining a healthy increase in funding for CU from the legislature during his first year as the University’s 15th president.

Gee remained in office until 1990, when he became President of Ohio State University. Since then, he has served as the President of Brown University, Vanderbilt University, and then again at Ohio State University where he is currently. He was named “The Big Man on Campus” by Time magazine in November 2009. The article may be found here.

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