Guidelines and Rules


The Heritage Center requires that a caterer be used for all events that will include food. See Pre-screened Caterers for more details. Please check with your caterer to make sure the time you have reserved at the Heritage Center includes the set-up and clean-up time necessary for your event.

• The event coordinator is responsible for getting parking access on campus for the caterer.
• Any delivery of alcoholic beverages, rental equipment, china, etc., must be coordinated with Heritage Center staff.
• The Heritage Center has several rectangular serving tables available, but no linens or other food/catering supplies.
** Red wine and red beverages are not permitted at the Heritage Center. **

Alcoholic Beverages Guidelines

If your group will be serving alcoholic beverages, please follow the guidelines outlined below.
** Red wine and red beverages are not permitted at the Heritage Center. **
** An event manager must be present to monitor the alcoholic beverage service area. **

University Groups
APS on Alcohol Purchase and Provision, University Risk Management approval is no longer needed due to the type of payment for purchasing the alcohol. Please follow university guidelines regarding alcohol at events. Visit the Alcohol Service on Campus webpage for more information. 

*Please return a copy (do not send originals) of any completed APS forms to the Heritage Center.

Non-University Groups
All non-university groups must obtain a Liquor Liability Insurance form from their insurance company and return a copy (do not send originals) to the Heritage Center. The following is a list of options regarding obtaining insurance:

1.      Through your homeowner’s insurance policy
2.      Through the university’s special event one-time insurance coverage
3.      Through the catering service you have chosen for your event

The university does not allow events open to the public when alcohol is being served or when alcohol is to be sold (if there is a cash bar) unless the event is held in a location on campus that holds a liquor license. The Heritage Center does not have a liquor license, therefore all events serving alcohol must be by invitation only.

For further questions, please contact the Office of University Risk Management. The Office of Risk Management asks that requests be sent via e-mail or fax to:
Carolyn Peet, Fax:  303-735-5900


Please coordinate parking and street access for your caterer through the university’s Parking Services department.
• Parking is available at metered and street parking on and near University Avenue.
• Limited parking is available on Pleasant Street, after 5 p.m. (generally used for handicapped parking).
• University meters are free after 5 p.m.
• Open lots generally cost $3 after 5 p.m.

For questions or if you would like to schedule an event, please contact a Heritage Center staff member at 303-492-6329.


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