Ralphie Trivia Answers

When was a buffalo chosen as CU’s official mascot?
In 1934 when the student newspaper, Silver and Gold, sponsored a national contest to select a mascot. A five-dollar prize was offered the winner. Out of 1,000 entries, “buffalo” won.

What is the name of CU’s live mascot?
“Ralphie” is the stage name of the live bison that appears at games and events.

When did the first Ralphie start appearing at games?
Ralphie I ran from 1966 until 1978, attending every home game and CU bowl appearance until her retirement.

How many buffalos have served as Ralphie?
The current Ralphie is the fifth buffalo to have run under that name.

What are the real names of all the Ralphies?
Ralphie I- Rraalph until an observant fan noticed the bison was a female and she became Ralphie

Ralphie II- Moon or Moonshine

Ralphie III- Tequila

Ralphie IV- Rowdy

Ralphie V- Blackout

What are the main responsibilities of the Ralphie Handlers?
Handlers must be able to run 13 miles per hour alongside a 1,300-pound animal. They also wash Ralphie, clean her before games, open the gates of her trailer, do crowd control, capture Ralphie if she escapes, and pick up her chips (dung).

What is the name of CU’s human mascot, a costumed buffalo?

Has CU’s human mascot ever had a companion?
Yes! In 1991, Chip found a partner in Chipette. Theirs, alas, was a one-season relationship.

When was Ralphie crowned Homecoming Queen?
In 1971.

Who kidnapped Ralphie in 1970?
Air Force Academy cadets kidnapped her, sandwiched her between two giant buns and paraded her around Falcon Stadium with a six-foot tall bottle of catsup.

Is Ralphie a bison or a buffalo?
Bison is the correct name, though the terms bison and buffalo are interchangeable for the American buffalo. No one knows precisely how the word “buffalo” came into use.

Who donated $40,730 for the care of Ralphie IV and future Ralphies?
Violet Stromberg, a 96-year-old fan.

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